Friday, August 24, 2007


well it's out lat post FROM hawaii, but there will be more once we get back (at least from me...wait these are all from me).

i (rits) spent the last days in oahu..jumped off a cliff into the ocean, did a 6 mile hike to an amazing waterfall, hung out on some of the most beautiful beaches on these was AMAZING!!! visiting my friend toby was beyond words. wow.

ruk fell asleep in the sun and as a result we can longer see him....he is just a walking shadow.

woke up at 3AM and drove up the volcano to see the sun rise...spectacular...everything stressful about the world washes away when u watch the sun rise from the top of a volcano and then jump into the ocean when you get back.

this trip has been such an amazing experience on so many levels. long talks with ruk on the beach late night (and by late i mean 9PM due to jet lag...which im only now over, now that we are leaving)....amazing food. amazing beaches, scenery, energy. i feel like a new woman and ruk does too.

being able to really just chill out and vacation with someone else is a rare thing. ruk and i do it well together. personally, found a long needed sense of shanti here and i thank my faux hubbby ruk for that. something about swimming into an endless ocean makes you realize that you can really take anything that life has to offer you with a smile....even when you don't want to. .

ruk and i don't want to leave. but we have to. and that is sad. but we had this incredible vacation that makes all the noise of new york okay.

so maybe ruk is disconnected and i can't commit to even a newspaper subscription but it's all good because it turns out that the world is a little bigger than we tend to think in our microcosm of NYC. and that's about as philosophical as i will get in a silly blog.

from ruk: i never want to leave. (frankly, that's more deep than the usual coming out him....ha).

photos to be posted on i will edit so that u dont have to endure 10001 picture....cuz there are literally that many.

we're on our way *home*. lovesNb (and rJr)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


punini is the hawaiian name we have given our car. the other option la'hymen. but punini just made so much more sense.

last night a tragedy occured when ruk's camera encountered the infamous cannon E16 error...this means the camera is broken. we are left with just one camera (fewer pictures, sad) and alex, if you are reading this we really really really hope you mailed in that warranty thing that ruk left in your car. ruk's camera is officially on a moratorium. that's right kids, i just used a 5 sylable word. now what?

well, we went to lahanea yesterday, an old whaling town. we proceeded to find a beach with cute surfer boys to stare at but the waves weren't big enough so there werent any. then we hung out on our beach. and then....the photoshoot. i could write sooo much more but 1. i'm off to oahu in a hot minute to see my friend toby and don't have time...and yes, i will have severe separation anxiety for ruk. but he will not and intends on going to a nude beach. huh. and 2. these pictures are waaaaay more interesting than anything i could write.

so my dear friends, i challenge u to a game of radiology/photohunt...point out the 5 differences in the two pictures:
(i seem to have to post them through flickr becuz this blogspot thingy is being buggy...sorry.)

there are even more honeymoon/moo-moo pictures here:

paradise can make a couple go nuts. ruk and i are clearly already there...insanity.


Originally uploaded by saritabhatt.



Originally uploaded by saritabhatt.

what's different?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

back to life, back to reality

reality is this paradise resort. and this is the place ruk and i came back to this evening after a day long road trip to hana...reality equals intense amounts of food (buffets), drinks, long talks on the beach looking at the moon and searching for stars. ruk thought that a shooting star was a meteor and he had never seen one..but he saw a few tonight and was schooled (by me) in the fact that a shooting star is a dying star. [CORRECTION: WE JUST LOOKED UP SHOOTING STAR AND I AM NOW PUBLICLY SAYING HERE THAT I AM WRONG. A SHOOTING STAR IS IN FACT A METEOR. RUK WAS RIGHT. WHATEVS]. wait, why aren't we married...i bet most married people dont have such blissful honeymoons (sorry nush/vicks).

ive been told that i should stop apologizing for bad blog write ups. so i'll say this only once...I AM NOT SORRY IF THIS BLOG SUCKS AND IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME. STOP READING IT THEN.

we left the hotel around 830 (after an extremely huge buffet breakfast, because as we all know, ruk loves his buffets...skinny as the kid is).....and we set off on the road to hana...which is a tiny sleepy town on the other side of the island. ruk drove us out there through a lot of rain and crazy ass windy roads where we both thought we would die..luckily i played DJ (sorry nush, i think i was better than even u) so that if we were to die on the crazy roads, at least it would be to an amazing set of songs. very limited list here of what was playing:
mos def, punjabi MC, u2, mary j, falu, falguni pathak, various bollywood, muse, journey, madonna, george michael, james, wyclef, mobb deep, indian grooves mix, brandie carlile, regina spektor, rabbi shergill, paul simon, m.i.a., jack johnson, karunesh, random anus hip hop, random dj brown mix....and the list goes on and on...8 hours long.

what we learned today: ruks mind is blank while driving. ruk is great driver. i'm a great driver too but had more faith in ruk than myself on the crazy single lane roads. ruk and i would have been miserable if we were on vacation with any of our friends because none of them wake up as early as we do. ruk and i are literally black and burnt but are quite happy with our current state of overweight, over-tanned selves. when ruk and i sing songs for some odd reason he takes the high notes ad i take the low notes. there are other brown honeymooning couples in maui...we just dress better. ducks/birds are violent creatures and like to attack ruk while driving. when i drive the car, it stops working. odd. we both have very weak ankles and could have fallen/died at any moment and in fact expected to, but thankfully didnt. we like to hike so long as the entire process is less than 1/2 hour. i need to get over myself. ruk needs to get over himself. roll with it.

and now, for the pictures...we took over 200 today and several videos. but i will only torture u readers (i.e me and ruk) with a few highlights:

ruk and the breakfast buffet

the other brown honymooners. check out the busines socks and sneaks

one of the bird that attacked ruk while driving:

black sand beach:

one of many watersfalls where we stopped to chill

desi chick by car take one

desi chick by car take two

ruk the best driver ever



avoiding convertible sunburn

post road trip dip in the ocean


Monday, August 20, 2007

jet lag

its 3AM and i cant sleep....although i did pass out around 930PM because i was so tired...damn.

ruk and i spent the day going from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. the water is around 80 degrees. the pool has a grotto bar and the sand is like silk.

i dont have anything to witty or fun to report because it is, after all, 3AM. this is just paradise and i never want to go home. today we are driving the coastal road to hana and will stop along the way to jump into several waterfalls...ending our road trip with power hang gliding adventure...

ruk reading east of eden at the beach

ruk on beach

rits on beach

maybe at a decent hour, i'll have something more interesting to report...until then, be jealous, suckers.

back to sleep..i hope.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


it has been one long long long this point, been awake for over 24 hours, including a 13 hour journey to class...stuck in a middle seat where i had about 1 cenitmeter of room on either end of me (we couldnt get the honeymoon upgrade because the flight was full)...but it was all good cuz i had ruk to keep me company, i mean ignore me for the entire time. apparently spiderman 3 was more interesting that my deep thoughts on life. this is has been an amazing honey moon so far.

we have turned into japanese tourists...or desi tourists (which probably makes more sense), photographing everything in site.
it is absolutely unreal, undeserved....but we are goig to soak up every minute of it and chill... although our 2 suitcases were the last come out of baggage claim and we were tired, once we got the honeymoon car upgrade and had at least 2 people tell us how happy we look together (puke), we got into that convertible and we both screamed with excitement (insert gay ruk joke here).

we've decided to spend our week taking pictures of each other and then blogging them to the zero people that read this late night. we might also make some music videos, but dont get your hopes up people. and there is also a good chance that we will stop posting things all together because we are lazy and even sNb productions needs a day off once in awhile...but, at any rate. here are some highlights:

after 10 hours in the air:

my tray table:

welcome lais at hotel

view from balcony of the the room:


free bottle of champagne for the honeymooners:

well thats all u get. and by u i mean me. cuz i am the only one reading this thing,...except for the occasional nushie who was the first to find this blog by googling me...scarey.

ruk is snoring, im out.